Essiac Tea Capsules, 1066.5 mg, 3 Pack 360 Capsules, Eight Herb Essiac, All Natural, No Brewing or Refrigeration, Great for Travel, 90 Day Supply


Ingredients: Organic essiac tea powder blend (organic blessed thistle powder, organic burdock root powder, organic sheep sorrel powder, organic red clover blossom powder, organic slippery elm bark powder, organic kelp powder, organic watercress powder. and organic rhubarb root powder


Essiac Tea by Herbal Balance For Life offers an upgraded eight-herb tea formula in a proprietary formula perfected by Rene Caisse RN and Charles Brusch MD. We, at Herbal Balance For Life, Inc.

We are excited to bring you our “new Improved” Eight Herb Essiac Capsules!

After all these years, new technology has allow us to make Essiac stronger than ever. Our new capsules are 100% organic powdered herbs in an easy to swallow encapsulated case.

This new form allowed us to increase our milligrams from 711 mg to 1006.5, benefiting a healthful wholesome body.

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